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Fight Like A Girl

With the release of her latest album, Fight Like A Girl, Emilie Autumn pulls her listeners ever deeper into the realm of The Asylum, the fantastical alternate reality described in her magnum opus, the novel The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. The title track launches the onslaught with an anthem for the underdog, calling upon females of all ages to realize they are in fact 51% of the Earth's human population, and to take back their power at all costs, using whatever means necessary. From there, the struggle of both modern day and Victorian insane asylum inmates is enacted with Emilie taking on the voices of varying characters from her novel, ending in the ultimate fight to the death, "Time For Tea," and the universally encouraging message of what it takes to transform from victim to victorious in "One Foot In Front Of The Other." Part musical theatre, part industrial rock, part historical horror story, on FLAG, Emilie makes her Broadway intentions unabashedly clear.

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